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so I have 2 extra tickets to touche amore with tigers jaw and dads tomorrow at the met in pawtucket
if anyone is interested please message me!! id like to sell them for $20 but the price is negotiable if you message me!

if you’re not interested then pls help me by reblogging this bc I really need to sell them
thank you!!

Anonymous asked: Ehrm I was thinking of starting a blog with people without faces entirely... would you guys get pissed about that or??? i don't want to anger anyone i just want to enjoy defacing??!?

hey dude go for it

Anonymous asked: Why do you use the liquify filter? It sucks. Use the manual method to get a realistic texture.

we don’t use liquify filter? it really does suck


Today is my 17th birthday and my best friend is sleeping

countblecksucks asked: So my husband said I can't throw away his old work shoes until he has an "awesome pic" of them and I was wondering if you could photoshop an "awesome pic" for me if I take a picture of the shoes and send it your way? Lol weird request I know!

you want us to tiny face a pair of shoes


these are the faces of pure procrastination


Feeling not that shitty looking today :-)

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- m i r a n d a s i n g s -

- s e b a s t i a n  s t a n -